Agriculture Drone




Wine Country Drone’s owner worked in the non-profit, environmental education industry for 25 years.  It’s this career spanning passion for outdoor adventure and education that makes us proud to partner with organizations working to save our planet.  Drones offer the fields of environmental monitoring and conservation countless benefits. Among them, access to previously inaccessible and sensitive habitats non-destructively, aerial 2D mapping of large areas in UltraHD detail, tracking erosion over time, species identification and many more

WCD offers highly-custom drone videography via our professional in-house production team. Add a voiceover, 3D graphics, highway callouts, and more to your video to make your vineyard

really stand out.  The flight will occur as soon as possible, dependent on the weather and your preference for faster turnaround time or clear skies. Imagery hosting is included in all packages at no extra charge.