Wine Country Drone was formed by award winning photographer, Jim Nevill to help our clients achieve their goals through stunning visual imagery and content.  With over a decade of experience creating professional images, exceeding expectations and passionately pursuing our craft we are ready to serve you.


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"As a commercial photographer, an artist and an entrepreneur I understand the value of being passionate about ones craft.  Long before selling my first prints or being published by the likes of National Geographic , Surfer Magazine and Sonoma Magazine I had a camera in hand and I was photographing everything, purely for the love of it.  Photography is a bit of a compulsion to be honest, and I find it hard to walk through daily life without visualizing how I would capture the moment at hand.   I really do love my trade and work hard to continually learn, grow and adapt to ultimately deliver the most stunning results to possible to each and every client." 


You can see a portfolio of Jim's commercial work, fine art landscapes and recent publications www.JimNevill.com.